Featured Fish: Florida Stone Crab Claws

The onset of winter in Florida not only brings wonderfully mild sunny weather but also the eagerly anticipated annual harvest of stone crab claws. The main harvest method used in both the commercial and recreational fisheries is a baited trap. In the commercial stone crab fishery, traps are put out in long lines of up to 100 traps where each individual trap is buoyed. The Florida stone crab is usually fished near jetties, oyster reefs or other rocky areas.     Harvesting is accomplished by removing one or both claws from the live animal and returning it to the ocean where it can regrow the lost limb(s). To be kept, claws must be 2.75 inches (70 mm) long, measured from the tips of the immovable finger to the first joint. Florida stone crabs are legal for harvest from October 15 until May 15. The catch varies from year to year, ranging between 2.0 and 3.5 million crabs. However, due to fisheries management, the haul is believed to be stable, as sufficient spawning happens.

Featured Meat: Creekstone Farms Premium Black Angus Vegas Strip

The Vegas Strip Steak® delivers tenderness, flavor and visual appeal. It weighs in at about 14 oz., but can be easily cut into smaller portions.

Tenderness is the most important characteristic in a beef cut. It is also the most challenging to deliver. The tenderness of the Vegas Strip Steak® is on par with the New York Strip Steak. It does not require aging or marinating to achieve tenderness.

Steak flavor can vary across cuts and steak lovers have their favorites. The Vegas Strip Steak® offers universally appealing, solid steak flavor that satisfies any beef craving.

While tenderness and flavor matter most, visual appeal can enhance the steak eater’s overall enjoyment. The Vegas Strip Steak® portions beautifully and works well in just about anything a chef can imagine. Portion size options include: (a) 4 – 6 oz., (b) 8 – 10 oz., and (c) 10 – 12 oz. Size specification can be tailored to fit a customer’s needs.

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