Featured Fish: Monkfish / Anglerfish

Found throughout the world, it prevails in the North Atlantic – and in our Gulf of Maine waters in particular. Its wide grin of sharp teeth makes it seem nightmarish in the display case, but once filleted its firm, slightly sweet white tail meat beckons comparison to lobster meat – hence its nickname the  “poor man’s lobster.”

Monkfish are deep sea fish that lack scales which is also known as the anglerfish, because of the fishing rod-shaped antennae atop its distinctively ugly head, which are useful in luring a wide variety of smaller fish which they prey upon. With such a generous oral passageway, however, codlings nearly 2 feet in length have been discovered in their bellies, which can hold an inventory of food nearly half its own weight.

Featured Meat: Snake River Farms American Wagyu Flank

Family owned and operated, SNAKE RIVER FARMS Wagyu/Angus
cross cattle are raised along the high plain of the Snake River in Eastern Idaho.
Often referred to as American Kobe Beef, our proprietary herd has developed
into one of the most highly regarded groups of American Wagyu cattle in
the world. SNAKE RIVER FARMS believes in sustaining family owned
farms and ranches by rewarding the efforts of producers embracing the
exacting standards required to raise the finest livestock.

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