Our Story

Michael LaVecchia, Founder and CEO of Meat & Fish Co. has close to 30 years’ experience in bringing high quality products to customers. While a student at Johnson and Wales University in the 1980’s, he sold fresh seafood out of a van. Upon graduating with a degree in Culinary Arts, he co-founded his family’s business, Poseidon, which grew to be one of the largest purveyors of seafood in the Southeast. In 2001, Michael founded Seafoods.com which gave him the opportunity to continue working with a world-wide network of suppliers of quality seafood. After ten years, Michael founded Meat & Fish to build upon his relationships with seafood purveyors, and to expand into the sale of beef, poultry, and game while maintaining the same commitment to the principles he has been dedicated to for so many years.
In the fall of 2011, we were selected to be an anchor tenant at the 7th Street Public Market in Charlotte, North Carolina. The market opened with a mission “to celebrate the food culture of the Carolinas and promote local and regional farmers, food artisans, and entrepreneur. It was obvious that the Market would be at the heart of the community, and dedicated to the very same principles and beliefs that have governed all of our business ventures over the years. We decided immediately that we wanted to be part of it. We were delighted to have the opportunity to anchor the market with a strong presence doing the things we do best. Now, we are moving to larger quarters to allow us to do even more, but we remain dedicated to the guiding principles that led to our founding.

We are committed to supporting North and South Carolina producers of meat, fish, poultry, pork, and game, but we will also source the finest quality “boutique” proteins produced by both American and global producers. We love the people who are committed to our industry, and will offer both customers and colleagues a diverse selection of hard-to-find local, national, and international proteins that are eco-friendly, sustainably harvested, and humanely treated. At the same time, we are equally committed to demonstrating how “Eating Local” has great advantages for healthier lifestyles, and we are supporting our local farms and fishing industry to enhance our region’s economic growth.

The company will continue to operate with two distinct but complementary platforms. One platform takes a traditional form with a bricks and mortar, attractive storefront, retail and wholesale look. We are a full service supplier of quality products. We welcome customers into the shop, and we deliver our products to them. We have salespeople behind the counter, on the phone, and on the street. We don’t limit our availability or accessibility in any respect. This traditional platform is a familiar one, and we plan to continue to refine and enhance it through our experience and expertise.

Our Founder

Our second operating platform is less tangible, but we believe it is more responsive to the customer through a dynamic approach that connects the dots between the buyer and seller regardless of where each are located. Under this approach, Meat & Fish coordinates orders for the Southeast with a national reach, while being the focal point of a nation-wide network for buyers and sellers across the country.

By breaking out of the typical food supply and distribution model, our products flow directly from the supplier to the buyer instead of bouncing from stop to stop in a network of regional and national warehouse and distribution centers. It is an economic reality that every stop in the product delivery cycle adds another level of work; prolongs the delivery time; adds expenses, and imperils the freshness of the products passing through the cycle. What we do, and have done successfully in other operations, is to have our products drop-shipped directly from the source to a network of country clubs, casinos, hotels, resorts, and restaurants that will continue to be our primary wholesale marketplace.

It is no secret that most of the US Seafood operations are clustered along both coasts and the Gulf of Mexico. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration only 0.2% of the American seafood harvest of close to 10 million pounds comes from the interior of the country and virtually all of that comes from the Great Lakes region. Because of our relationship with buyers in the underserved parts of the country, we can penetrate an untapped market for fresh, sea to buyer seafood.

Our past experience has shown us that seafood consumption directly correlates to the availability of high quality products in the places where consumers live. We believe that we have the ability to reach people all throughout the country through the infrastructure we have already created, and people in the middle of the country will not be excluded from the robust seafood market because they live where they do.

We use established delivery means, air or ground, to ensure reliability, freshness, and responsible pricing. We have a contract with FedEx Ground which will guarantee next day delivery anywhere in North and South Carolina, and we have a similar contract in place to guarantee next day air delivery to buyers on 14 Caribbean Islands. We will also use a combination of both delivery approaches across the United States

Our two operating platforms, working in parallel, offer us clear advantages in two major respects:

  1. Our hybrid business model allows us to create the sales volume to supply the widest spectrum of consumers in the broadest geographic area.
  2. The way we operate allows us to cut our structural operating costs since the use of drop-shipping from source to consumer means we do not take possession of all the products we sell. There is no need to receive, warehouse, and deliver this segment of our products ourselves. Reputable delivery services who share our high quality standards will do it for us

In effect, we achieve efficiencies in both critical mass and economy of scale. We are big enough to do business with some of the best suppliers of quality meat, seafood, poultry, and game in the country, while remaining nimble enough to remain a local operation which is true to our mission.

Meat & Fish fills a niche under the radar in the same way that has worked so successfully in the past, by executing to the highest quality standards and offering consistent and honest service on a par with the leaders of the industry. We are not as big as the largest competitors, but there is no reason why we cannot be as professional. It is something we know how to do.