Angel’s Salumi produces handcrafted and cured authentic gourmet Salumi and fine natural meats accented with the flavors of the Mediterranean. The quality Berkshire salumi they produce has outstanding sweetness with unparalleled tenderness, moisture  and aromatic flavors. To finish a quality product one must begin with quality ingredients. To ensure a safer, calmer, more humane environment Berkshire Hogs are associated with humane craft processing using a new CO2 stunning system-preventing livestock from feeling pain while preserving the naturally deep colour of Berkshire pork. The reduction of stress also improves the pH in the meat. All the meats used in addition to the Berkshire are cage-free, free-range, additive free and naturally fed. They use purebred Berkshire pork and all-natural Wild Boar, Duck and New Zealand Venison. (More meats are always in development, stay tuned)

 Pascal J-F Besset (Founder and Chef) has served as Executive Chef and made his kitchen apprentissage in six 5 star hotels, two of these ranked as top 10 hotels in the world. Pascal studied the specialized branch of Charcuterie in the south of France, Monte-Carlo, Corsica and Paris working alongside Bernard Broust and Mr. Langlois, Silver Medal M.A.F and M.O.F Chefs in Charcuterie, at the Gaston Lenotre School. Pascal’s father’s long time friend Cesar Merlino, Chef and Maître Charcuterie in the French Alpes, was his first Master and mentored Pascal in his trade. Pascal has been involved in the Southern California food scene for over 20 years supplying our finest regional Chefs with the best products available from everywhere in the world. He now sources the finest ingredients for his signature line of Salumi. He has refined each recipe extensively and he personally oversees all
production in small batches ensuring quality and consistency.

White Truffle Salami
Duck Salami
Salami Nostrano


  • Rosette
  • Salami Nostrano
  • Soppressata Picante
  • Country Style
  • White Alba Truffle
  • Black Truffle
  • Berkshire Lomo Embuchado
  • Berkshire Lonzino
  • Duck Salami
  • Dried Cured Duck Breast
  • Wild Boar
  • Wild Boar Prosciutto
  • Venision and Berkshire


  • Truffle Peeling
  • White Truffle Puree
  • Black Truffle Puree
  • Black Winter Truffle Juice
  • Black Truffle Carpraccio
  • Black Truffle Caviar
  • Black Truffle Oil
  • White Truffle Oil
  • Black Truffle Salt
  • Black Truffle Butter
  • White Alba Truffle Butter
  • Porcini Butter