The Hawaiian Fishing Industry can be best described as experience and technology meets old world technique. Hook and line methods are used by all types of vessels to produce spectacular results of quality and quantity known round the world.

The island’s deep waters are known for an amazing array of premium bigeye, yellow fin and skipjack tunas, swordfish and spearfish. They are complimented by the trollers and handliners delivering outstanding mahi-mahi, marlin, opah and ono closer to the shore. The pole and line boats haul of incredible skipjack (aku), is combined with the sought after bottomfishing boat catch of seabass, monchong and a broad variety of snapper known locally as onaga, opakapaka, uku and others.

With no nets being used to harvest open-ocean or deep water fish, and only American flagged vessels able to operate within the 200 mile international boundary, they have produced some of the highest standards in the fishing industry. All while consistently delivering the freshest products directly to Hawaiian ports and to the only daily fish auction between Tokyo and Maine.

Bigeye Tuna
Striped Marlin

Local Fish

  • Tombo(Albacore)

  • Nairagi-Striped Marlin

  • Kajiki-Pacific Blue Marlin

  • Hebi-Spearfish

  • Sailfish

  • Swordfish

  • Kampachi-Cobia

  • Hamachi


  • 13/15 Head on Shrimp

  • 8/12 Head on Shrimp

  • 15/19 Head on Shrimp

  • Seaweed Salad(4.4lb tub)

  • Sea Asparagus

  • Cultivated Seaweed

  • Palm Island Salts


  • Opah

  • Monchong

  • Mahi

  • Ono(Wahoo)

  • Barracuda

  • Mako Shark

  • Walu-Escolar

  • Onaga-Long Tailed Red Snappe

  • Opaka-Pink Snapper

  • Uku-Gray Snapper

  • Lehi-Maroon Snapper


  • Ahi #1+ Sashimi Grade

  • Ahi #1 Sashimi Grade

  • Ahi #2+ Sashimi Grade

  • Ahi #2 Sashimi Grade

  • Ahi #2- Poke Grade