Meat and Fish company is proud to offer a fine selection of imports from all over the world. From Brazil to California, and all the way back to Tasmania, we ensure the freshest quality of product. Let us show you the meaning of our tagline, Dock to Door in 24.
Antarctic Toothfish
Antarctic Toothfish
Tasmanian Ocean Trout
Tasmanian Ocean Trout
Blue Crab
Blue Crab


  • CA White Seabass

  • Surf Clams

  • Brazilian Lobster Tails

  • Hamachi/Yellowtail

  • Tenderized Baby Octopus
  • Sardines
  • English Channel Dober Sole
  • English Channel Wild Turbot
  • French Red Mullet
  • Durod Royale
  • Lou de Mer
  • Bronzini
  • Scorpion Fish
  • Octopus
  • Herring
  • Antarctic Toothfish
  • Tasmanian Ocean Trout


  • Blue crabmeat

  • NZ Green Shell Mussels

  • Spiny Lobsters

  • Live Langoustines
  • Frozen Lagoustines
  • Grey Shrimp
  • Dublin Bay Prawns
  • Lobster Dainties
  • Gooseneck Barnacles
  • Head-on Salt prawns