Sales Team

Walt “Trey” Sprye

My name is Walter Clement Sprye III but most everyone calls me Trey. I was raised in Rocky Mount, NC (a small city in eastern North Carolina). I grew up sailing and worked for my uncle during the hot summers in Beaufort, NC. Living on the coast, I enjoyed fishing, sailing, camping, pretty much anything outdoors that was near the water. I went to school at NCSU before realizing how much I missed the coast and transferred to Wilmington. There, I landed my first job in the hospitality industry as a server in a restaurant and have held just about every job in the front-of-house since. I have been in Charlotte for over two years (go Panthers!) and have been with Meat & Fish Co. since May of 2014. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with chefs across the nation with planning their menus as well as their food procurement.

Jennifer Page

My name is Jen Page. I have lived all over the country growing up but spent my high school and college years in Chicago before moving to Charlotte 12 years ago. I have always been involved in the restaurant industry.  My earliest memories of being in restaurants started when I was about 5 or 6 and I would beg my mom to let me go to work with her so I could bus tables at the pizza place she worked. Then I waited tables at pretty much every corporate restaurant through high school and college.  I did get my degree in History/Secondary Education, but never stepped foot in a classroom.  The closest I got was the 6 years I  worked for the Art Institutes as a Culinary Representative and I visited High Schools where I performed cooking demos and let students know about careers in the culinary field. Before I made the move to become the local Charlotte representative with the Meat & Fish Company I did marketing/ hiring for a QSR Franchise. I love any seafood/shellfish and anything with truffles. However,  I will never leave a Panthers game without a soft pretzel and LOTS of cheese sauce (GO PANTHERS!!)