There is no place on the planet that compares to what this area can offer. From the breath taking Victoria Island right down to the adventurous Oregon Rivers in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest has many great species of fish to target for sport and table fare. Chinook Salmon, Coho (Silver Salmon), Sockeye (Red Salmon), and Steelhead to name a few. Chinook Salmon are present in Southwest Washington rivers almost year round. With 3 distinct runs in the Spring, Summer and Fall, they are usually the target of choice for anglers. Coho Salmon enter the smaller tributaries of the Columbia river starting in early September and they will remain there till Thanksgiving. Coho are great fighters and average from 4-20 pounds. There are also plenty of oysters to choose from, making the Pacific Northwest a great place for seafood.

Fanny Bay Oyster
Black Cod
Alaskan Sockeye Salmon


  • Steelhead

  • Stikine River

  • Columbia River

  • California Farmed

  • Puget Sound

  • Quinaults

  • Copper River

  • Prince William Sound

  • Bristol Bay

  • Yukon River

  • Cook Inlet

  • SE Alaska

  • Kodiak


  • AK King Crab

  • AK Snow Crab

  • Buckly Bay Oysters

  • Gigamoto Oysters

  • Kumamoto Oysters

  • Fanny Bay Oysters

  • Quilcene Oysters

  • Sunset Beach Oysters

  • Brookside Oysters

  • Kusshi Oysters

  • Shigoku Oysters


  • Halibut

  • Black cod

  • Pacific Rockfish

  • Ling Cod

  • Sardines

  • Petrale Sole

  • Dover Sole

  • Sturgeon

  • Arctic Char

Pacific Oysters

  • Chef Creek

  • Giga Moto

  • Komo Gway

  • Pacific Orchard

  • Royal Miyagi